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Zero Point Alchemy Boutique

Boutique Gift Shopping
& Little Love Offerings Online

The Boutique
Zero Point Alchemy’s in-office boutique offers a lovely range of unique, high quality handmade and carefully selected items. Everything is hand crafted and/or chosen with love, then energized, activated or “blessed & juiced” with great care.

Amy’s wish is that every item is infused with love and magic and feels like a special gift to yourself or for someone you love.


When can I shop?
Shop before or after your session or reading, or reserve a time before the holidays, by appointment.

What will I find?
Activated Beeswax Candles
Aromatherapy Crystal Wraps
Microwavable Warming Packs
Energized Crystal Pendants
Little Love Offerings Print Sets
& Blank Notecards with Envelope
(Purchase Print Sets online)