Reiki Certifications

reiki certification kittery maine
reiki certification kittery maine

Reiki Certifications

from 225.00

Reiki 1, Reiki 2 & Master Practitioner Certifications

Reiki 1: $225 (individual level for personal use)
Reiki 2: $275 (practitioner level & distance use)
Reiki Master Practitioner: $325 (advanced level)

Each level includes:
2-hour individual training session
Email mentoring through integration of attunements

No prerequisite for Reiki 1 - Each level is required for the next
Certificate is mailed upon completion of practice requirements (inquire for more info)

Training also includes:
Level 1 - Antahkarana Healing Symbols
Level 2 - Crystal Gridding with Antahkarana
Master Practitioner - Intro to Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids

Complete your registration and contact Amy to schedule your 2-hour individual training session.

Certification Level:

Amy's Approach

I have been certifying students in Reiki since early 2013. My wish is that I help you to not only learn Reiki, but also to develop a personal practice and integrate it into your life.

My aim is to make Reiki training easily accessible and available. I provide mentoring through integration of your attunements. I personalize your program to support you in the development of your own Reiki practice.

Certification includes one 2-hour individual training session per level. During these sessions, I teach you everything you need to know to practice Reiki. I feel it is important to and provide mentoring following training, when most questions arise.

In my experience, most students are ready to become a Reiki Master before they are ready to teach. Through Master Practitioner Certification, I make the energy available for you to become a Reiki Master without having to be certified as a teacher.

Master Teacher Certification is available by application approval, based on the student’s readiness, to Master Practitioners previously certified by Amy.

Reiki Master Teacher Certification: $375 (teach & attune others): by application
Prerequisite: Zero Point Alchemy Reiki Master Practitioner Certification

Reiki FAQs
What is Reiki energy?

Reiki is Universal Life Force. It is unconditional love, and it is not separate from us. It is the energy of what we and all are made.

What is Reiki healing?
Reiki is gentle yet powerful hands-on healing for ourselves or given to another. It can be given effectively with or without physical contact, in person or at a distance.

How is Reiki taught?
Reiki is passed down by Certified Master Teacher to student by an energetic process called attunement. The student is calibrated with, or resonated into the energy of Reiki, effectively learning to do the same for themselves.