Individual Program - Divine Light Alchemy Coaching

Copy of Feminine Warrior Woman
Copy of Feminine Warrior Woman

Individual Program - Divine Light Alchemy Coaching

887.00 972.00

One-to-One Coaching (Kittery office location or by phone or Zoom)
3 spaces open now

Six (6) 75-minute one-to-one sessions
Distance Alchemy “tune-ups” as needed

Full Program: $972
($85 DISCOUNT when booked by 9/21)

PLEASE NOTE (before you register)
1)      Antidepressants and some other medications can affect emotions by dampening their highs and lows. This may influence your ability to reach optimal dissolution and release in Alchemy. If you are taking antidepressant or other emotion-altering medication and are drawn to this program, please contact Amy for an Alchemy Session first to confirm that it is a good fit for you.
2)      These programs are designed to facilitate significant personal transformation. In addition, Alchemy energy work can include an emotional/physical feeling component. Given these factors, please be aware that this program may at times feel emotionally and/or psychologically intense or challenging. Experiences vary and are deeply individual for each woman.
3)      If you wish to register for the group circle and know that you cannot attend more than one meeting, please wait for another time when the schedule better coordinates with yours.
4)      Every woman’s full participation in this program positively affects her own experience and that of all the others. To register, Amy asks that you read and agree to make the following personal commitment for your own sake and for that of the other women.

Your Commitment
I understand that my commitment to this program positively affects my own and every woman’s experience. I understand that this program may at times feel emotionally and/or psychologically challenging.

I confirm that:
1)      I have carefully read the entire program description.
2)      I will attend the entire program to its completion.
3)      I commit to my full participation in this program.

Program registration confirms Your Commitment.