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Psychic Medium (Intuitive) Readings
Unravel your mystery & Uncover your path

  • Connect with your loved ones

  • Hear answers to your questions

  • Learn about yourself and your life

  • Receive guidance on your path

Clients have experienced:
- resolution with loved ones who have passed
- advisement from ancestors and guides
- psychic healing of unresolved struggles

60-minute Reading: $90
In-office, phone or video call

Contact Amy to schedule a reading, or inquire for more information.


What do psychic, medium and intuitive mean for Amy?

In Amy’s case, psychic information is received through seeing (vision), hearing, feeling and emotion.

Mediumship for Amy comes through loved ones who have passed and higher selves of living people. Similarly, information may come through the appearance of ancestors and guides.

Intuition covers the full spectrum of psychic and medium. Specifically, what Amy refers to as intuitive she receives through a sense of “just knowing.”

Amy’s readings are like going on a journey. They are collaborative, with your input being vitally valuable to the process. The more open you are in your mind and your heart, the more clear and helpful the information will be.

Amy receives information in a variety of ways including psychic, medium and intuitive. Your reading may come in a blend of some or all of these forms depending on what you need most.

Amy may share psychic visual information she receives. She may connect with loved ones who have passed who appear with a message for you or to answer your questions. Sometimes this occurs with a loved one’s higher self who is still alive, or with an ancestor or guide. Information may also come through a sense of intuitive knowing. It is spoken as a statement and is not coming from Amy personally, but is being received for you.

However it comes, the information is as it needs to be. It will always be what you need to hear to be of greatest benefit to your highest path in life.

How to Prepare
The evening before
your reading, take a little time to prepare. Sit quietly and think of important questions you’d like to ask or guidance you wish to receive. Connect with yourself and your loved ones who have passed. Choose those who you are particularly close to, from whom you’d love to hear. Reflect on your relationships with them and on your life. The more clear you are in your preparations, the more this will be reflected in clarity in your reading.

What to Expect
Readings are equally powerful given in person and remotely. When you arrive for an in-office reading, Amy will offer you a cup of tea. She will begin your reading by inviting you to briefly share what in your life has brought you there. She will connect with you and explain the process. She will intuitively receive and share information with you, allowing you to confirm it and participate. It is a journey to be explored together.

Amy’s Adventure
I was “open” as a child. I had dreams. Nightmares, really. I remember waking in the night, terrified and inconsolable. I know now that I was open in the mediumship way, and I saw something that scared me so much, I blocked it from my memory even then. I was around 4 to 5 years old. At 5, I shut it down. I remained intuitive and developed this skill in my adulthood, but for many years I stopped “seeing” anyone who’d passed.

In 2011, I trained to give readings. I thought I was taking classes just for fun. I understand now that I was being nudged, and my life path was unfolding before me. Over the last 7 years, I’ve opened and closed, giving readings and then not, several times. What I’d been afraid of as a child was seeing a particular vision of a man who’d passed. I realized it was too specific not to mean something, not to be a memory. I traced it back to age 4-5 and, unraveling the memory, accepted that I’d actually seen then what I still feared.

One day recently I was having coffee with a friend who is an intuitive reader herself. During our conversation, I saw the same man I’d seen as a child. Forty-four years later, he was still unresolved from his life experience. He had not healed from his past and “crossed over to the other side” but was, as they say, still “stuck in the in-between.”

That day, with the support of my dear friend, I had the pleasure of helping this man “cross over”. He apologized for scaring me. I got to feel and see his true, beautiful Self. I was blessed with the opportunity to help him reunite with his beloved wife, who’d been waiting for him. My fear of “seeing” dissolved, freeing me, and opening me to follow where my path leads. I feel forever grateful for this, now resolved, truly lovely man.