Intuitive readings can bring clarity as well as peace of mind and healing of the heart and spirit. Amy’s Intuitive Insight & Clearing Sessions have a unique style. They are like going on a journey. They are collaborative, with your input being vitally valuable to the process. They can be deep and heart-opening. They often include an element of intuitive clearing. When this happens, something appears as a life pattern or energetic situation that is not helpful. It can be allowed to be resolved, if the client so chooses. This may or may not occur and will spontaneously arise and appear, if needed.

Amy receives information in a variety of ways including psychic, medium and direct intuition. Your session may come in a blend of some or all of these forms depending on what you need most. Most often, Amy receives through a sense of direct intuitive knowing. It is spoken as a statement and is not coming from her personally, but is being received for you. Amy may share psychic visual information she “sees”. If needed, she may connect with loved ones who have passed who appear with a message for you or to answer your questions. Sometimes this occurs with a loved one’s higher self who is still alive, or with an ancestor or guide.

The more open you are in your mind and your heart, the more clear and helpful the information will be. However it comes, it will always be what you need to hear to be of greatest benefit to your highest path in life.

How to Prepare
The evening before your reading, take a little time to prepare. Sit quietly and think of important questions you’d like to ask or guidance you wish to receive. The more clear you are in your preparations, the more this will be reflected in clarity in your reading.

What to Expect
Readings are equally powerful given in person and remotely. Amy will begin your reading by describing how she will proceed. She will invite you to briefly share what in your life has brought you there. She will connect with you and explain the process. She will intuitively receive and share information with you, allowing you to confirm it and participate. It is a journey to be explored together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do psychic, medium and intuitive mean for Amy?
Intuition covers the full spectrum of it’s many vehicles for receiving information. Specifically, what Amy refers to as intuitive (direct intuition) she receives through a sense of “just knowing” that may feel like a “download” of information.

Amy receives psychic information through seeing (vision), hearing, feeling and emotion.
Mediumship for Amy comes through loved ones who have passed and higher selves of living people. Similarly, information may come through the appearance of ancestors and guides.

60-minute Reading: $125
Kittery office location, or by phone or Zoom

Contact Amy to schedule a reading, or inquire for more information.