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60-minute session: $100

Reiki Healing Sessions
Heal your body & your soul

♥          Relieve your stress & anxiety
♥          Relax & release your tension
♥          Calm & quiet your mind
♥          Lift & lighten your energy
♥          Revitalize & enliven your life

Reiki generates feelings of ease & harmony and returns us to balance and alignment. It can bring heightened awareness and enhanced health. It can soothe our minds and awaken us to ourselves in new and profound ways.

Amy is a certified Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Shamballa Master Teacher and Certified Life Coach. Her sessions are a unique and powerful blend of these modalities with personalized coaching.

Contact Amy to schedule a session, or inquire for more information.


What is Reiki?
Reiki is a complementary therapy used to ease physical, emotional and mental difficulties. It is a well-established and accepted form of hands-on healing, even commonly provided by hospitals to surgical patients.

How is a session received?
A Reiki session is received fully clothed while lying on a massage table or seated in a chair. Sessions are given with the practitioner's hands gently placed on the client's body or without physical contact, if preferred.

How long does it take?
A Reiki Healing Session takes a total of 60 minutes, with the Reiki energy healing portion of the session lasting 30-40 minutes.

What to Expect
When you arrive, Amy will offer you a cup of tea and invite you to briefly share your current life experience. She will intuitively "tune in" to you and get a sense of your situation before beginning Reiki.

During the Reiki healing portion of your session, you may feel an increasing sense of lightness or relaxation as your session progresses until it is complete. Amy will ask you to return from your restful state and share anything she noticed that may be helpful.

She may offer new perspectives and life practices to help shift what you've been experiencing. She will offer you chocolate to help you ground and integrate the energy. She will complete your session with her wish for your highest path of love, joy and fulfillment, and for what is even better than you can imagine.