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The Feminine Warrior Woman

Who is She?
The Feminine Warrior Woman is ready. She wants More. She steps in.

The Feminine Warrior Woman is ready for something more in her life, for greater connection with herself and the Divine, in whatever form that speaks to her. She can feel it there for her, lingering underneath. She may not know what it looks like or how to get there, and longs to reach into her own depths and become who she is meant to be - the She down below, the inner Woman of her truest self, yearning to be born into the world.

She longs to live from here, to know her truest essence, her deepest inner self - to make art, to give, to thrive, to connect - to know Big Love. She is ready for more and is willing to dive into Her to get there.

She can no longer live another way.

 What I do
I help the Feminine Warrior Woman release the ties of what holds her back, to embrace and embody her fullest self, to become who she is at her core – who She is meant to be. I help her grab hold of her deepest inner Woman, waiting to be born and unleashed into the world. I help her draw from the fire within and find Her, her Self longing to be unfurled. I help her connect with her inner Feminine Warrior and the Divine, to embrace her Sacred feminine self in her many forms, and to live from here.

I help the Feminine Warrior Woman move beyond what is in the way and live as the love that She is in the world - choosing what creates More Love beyond herself - beyond the human binds that hold her back.

Are you Her?
Are you ready?

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