Warrior Woman
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The Warrior Woman

Who is She?
The Warrior Woman is ready. She wants More. She steps in.

The Warrior Woman is ready for something more in her life, for greater connection with herself and something beyond her, in whatever form that speaks to her. She can feel it there for her, lingering underneath. She may not know what it looks like or how to get there, and longs to reach into her own depths and become who she is meant to be - the She down below, the inner Woman of her truest self, yearning to be born into the world.

She longs to live from here, to know her truest essence, her deepest inner self - to make art, to give, to thrive, to connect - to know Big Love. She is ready for more and is willing to dive into Her to get there. She can no longer live another way.

What I do
I help the Warrior Woman release the ties of what holds her back, to embrace and embody her fullest self, to become who she is at her core – who She is meant to be. I help her grab hold of her deepest inner Woman, waiting to be born and unleashed into the world. I help her draw from the fire within and find Her, her Self longing to be unfurled. I help her connect with her inner Warrior, to embrace her sacred feminine self in her many forms, and to live from here.

I help the Warrior Woman move beyond what is in the way and live as the love that She is in the world - choosing what creates More Love beyond herself - beyond the human binds that hold her back.

Are you Her?
Are you ready?

This program is designed to help you move beyond what is in the way and align yourself with the life you long to live. It is customized for you to move you through your own barriers, freeing you to follow your heart.

This may come in the form of longing to discover your purpose or create a new project or business. It may be in a wish to care more deeply for your family in a new way. You may yearn to uncover your divine feminine nature, your true essence and connect with something far beyond yourself.

Amy will use Alchemy energy work to help facilitate profound, deep personal transformation. She will teach you energy dynamics of how your difficult patterns are formed, helping you to release them. She will offer ideas around new ways of thinking and practices to help you shift what isn't working. She will help you track your goals and progress. She will hold the intention for you that all be for your highest path, and for what is beyond what you can even imagine.

Amy’s specialty is working in the messiness of life, in the places where we tend to feel stuck. She helps others unwind these areas, unravel their patterns and move beyond their obstacles.

She holds space for women to find what feels more true, to discover who they really are. She helps them align their lives with their hearts, with joy and love and a deeper sense of themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program for me?
You may feel there is something more for you in work, love, and life. You feel blocked, unable to move forward. You don't know what's waiting for you, but you sense it, and you long for more.

What is Warrior Woman Coaching?
This program blends transformational Alchemy energy work with personalized intuitive coaching to help you align your life with your heart.

What is unique about this program?
This program meets you where you are. It is customized for you, addressing your specific life situations and patterns. You are unique, and so is your program.

3-Month & 6-Month Programs
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In-office, phone or video calls

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