We are Light. This light is divinity shining through us and expressing as us. In its pure form, it shines as love, beauty and joy. In our humanness, we develop discord, distortions that impede the flow of this beautiful divine light that we are. This leads to experiences and feelings of doubt, pain, fear, anger, and grief. These are not true of us though. At our truth, we are love, joy, beauty, and light itself.

Fortunately, we do not need to live in this discord. These distortions can be dissolved and transcended. It is our birthright to live free and true as our radiant selves, experiencing and expressing our light as our own divine nature.

What these programs are
In these women’s intensives, we will access our light and our most beautiful, truest selves. We will dissolve and transcend distortions that impede the expression of the love that we are. We will reach into the depths of our humanity to discover our divine inner woman. She is pure light, pure love, pure beauty. She expresses her divinity and radiance as her greatest truth, and she is who we really are.

Who this is for
This woman is ready for deeper connection with herself and her divine feminine nature. She longs to reach into her own depth and become who she is at her core, her truest inner woman, yearning to be born into the world. She wishes to know her true essence and live from here - to make art, to give, to thrive, to connect - to know Big Love. She is ready for more and is willing to dive into Her to get there.

What I do for this woman
I help this woman release what holds her back, to embrace and embody her fullest self, who she is meant to be. I help her draw from the fire within and awaken to her deepest inner woman, waiting to be unfurled and expressed fully in the world. I help her connect with her inner divine feminine and the Feminine Divine, to discover her most sacred Self and to live as the light that she is.

How you know this is for you
You long to awaken your divine inner light. You feel there is something more for you in work, love or life. You feel blocked, stuck or just unable to move forward or to achieve what you want. Or your intuition is telling you that this program can help to release you into your true light’s expression. You wish to feel supported by other women along your path in a deeply loving space of alchemy and transmutation.

You long to more deeply discover your unique divine purpose. Perhaps to create a business or take an existing one to the next level. To explore your intuition or another life skill. As a mother to care for your family in a profound new way. As a healer with a mission to ease discord on the planet. With a wish to live more fluidly as the innate expression of your divine feminine being. Or even for enlightenment itself.

Ask yourself, “How do I long for divine light to express through me?” There is no restriction or limitation to what you choose. You are aware of it though. You know what it is. Or you just know that this is the program to help you discover your unique divine dharma, your individual spiritual blueprint and reason for being on the planet.

How it works
Each woman is asked to bring a deep desire or “project,” something she is yearning for or wanting to create. This will be one situation or aspect of life that she wishes to radically transform in a deeply loving space being held by other women.

We will delve into the power of the divine feminine, and her within us. We will call in and evoke her essence. We will invite her assistance and work through life situations where we feel we could express our light more fully, and live as who we are more deeply. We will hold space for the others and explore in a circle of sacred sisterhood in the group, or with Amy holding this space in the individual program.

What will happen
Amy will give Alchemy energy work to dissolve the distortions that block your light, and transmute what is, into something much greater. She will teach you new ways of understanding life to facilitate deep personal transformation. She will lead in holding a powerful intention for every woman that all be for her highest path, and for what is beyond what she can even imagine.

What is included
These programs meet 6 times over 3 months and are offered with two options, group circles or *individual coaching. Women’s circles are kept small, 6 maximum, to enable greatest comfort, connection and intimacy among the women. Coaching is offered separately as a one-to-one program to provide a fully personalized focus.

Each meeting includes:
1) individual check-in throughout each woman’s personal journey
2) teaching in concepts of alchemy, transformation & empowerment
3) energetic equivalent of a full Alchemy energy work session

*Individual one-to-one coaching program includes distance Alchemy “tune-ups” (as needed) and email feedback & mentoring when requested between sessions.