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Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are great for infusing a room with energy and raising the vibration of a house, location or space. They are a powerful way to amp up our wishes. They place our attention and awareness where we would like to invite something new. They strengthen our intentions.

Grids take the healing and transformational qualities of crystals and arrange them to channel greater energies and to energize an intention. Basing the layout on sacred geometry properly aligns them for the highest path and results. It ensures that energetic balance is maintained.

In this 2-hour class, you will learn the basics of:
· Establishing clear intention - the heart of gridding!
· Selecting stones, including self-clearing options
· Cleansing, clearing and charging crystals
· Setting the grid and placement of the stones
· Using multiple, overlapping grids in the same space

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Mindfulness for Women Workshop
A Feast of the Senses

Mindfulness - the quality or state of being conscious or aware

Used for relaxation, quieting the mind, and getting in touch with ourselves, mindfulness evokes:
Relief from stress
Ease of anxiety

This 3-hour workshop offers a feminine embodiment emphasis on classic mindfulness, created specifically for women’s bodies and nervous systems. All levels are welcome. No prior experience is needed in mindfulness, meditation or feminine embodiment practice.

Teach - Try - Take with you - Learn about different aspects of mindfulness for women, have experiences of them, and receive doable takeaways to practice at home.

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