Mindfulness for Women


Mindfulness for Women


Mindfulness for Women Workshop - A Feast of the Senses

Mindfulness - the quality or state of being conscious or aware

Used for relaxation, quieting the mind, and getting in touch with ourselves, mindfulness evokes:
Rest                Clarity            Connection              Calm
Focus             Feeling           Relief from stress    Ease of anxiety

This 3-hour workshop offers a feminine embodiment emphasis on classic mindfulness, created specifically for women’s bodies and nervous systems. All levels are welcome. No prior experience is needed in mindfulness, meditation or feminine embodiment practice.

Teach - Try - Take with you - Learn about different aspects of mindfulness for women, have experiences of them, and receive doable takeaways to practice at home.

Dates & Time: To be announced
$85 ♥ 6 women maximum ♥ Registration is required ♥ All levels are welcome, no experience is necessary
Please dress in comfortable yoga/exercise clothes or leggings for moderate movement in some practices.

This workshop is very experiential. It blends learning mindfulness practices with sensory and physical experiences of the feminine aspects of our nature. Every week you will hear about different facets of mindfulness, experience a guided meditation, learn a mindfulness/feminine embodiment practice, and have a sensory experience, with the focus on one of the five physical senses during each meeting.



Mindfulness for Women: Part 1 in a series of 3
Part 1: Mindfulness for Women – Feast with your senses, and experience mindfulness specialized for the woman’s body and nervous system.
Part 2: Feminine Embodiment – Explore different aspects of embodying the feminine, and connect more deeply with your feminine nature and yourself.
Part 3: Emotional Alchemy – Learn to and dissolve the emotional residue stored in your body and nervous system, and be free of past hurts and difficult life history.

Please Note: Attending all three programs in the series offers a succession of learning that builds on itself. However, any one of them can be attended and has great value individually. All levels are welcome. There are no prerequisites, and prior experience is not required.