Inclusion & Empowerment

I am all for feminine empowerment and women strong, so much so that I resonate with being a feminine warrior to the point of putting it on my business card as a job title. I feel it intensely right now, the powerful feminine, in the immense web of women holding hands under the surface in the unseen, stretched across the globe, together rising to meet what needs to be met for the sake of our children, ourselves and the planet.

I feel intensely too the pain of separation and exclusion. I feel it in national pride and patriotism, in places where it’s meant to bring feelings of inclusion and love. To me it feels like exclusion and separateness, and brings me to a deep sadness. The world’s people are good. We miss that when we close in too tightly in protection of “our own”. Let’s travel the world and feel the hearts of her people, and we will want to wrap our arms around them too.

I feel the separateness in the feminine movement. Even though we say, yes, also the feminine in men, who we exclude are the good men. There are good men. Great men. All around us. We get down on the patriarchy, I do too, and in the midst of our righteous fervor, we leave out the really good men. Some of them are standing right beside us. I know one is right beside me, every day.

They may not know how to say it right for our feminine need for words or how to express themselves in ways that we can translate, and that, precisely, is their beautiful, sometimes quiet support and strength. We can see it in them if we know how to look. It is in their consistency, in their continually showing up.

These are men who believe in their women, in all women, in our strength and our power. Men who love our fierceness and our softness. Men who believe in equality, who care for us and for the planet. Men who want the world’s children to grow up safe and loved and given a chance to create anything they wish, just as we have been given. Yes, we can talk about oppression and being held back, but that’s a state of mind, and we have greater opportunity now than any other women ever have throughout history.

Our ability to create anything right now is infinitely cosmic and powerful. When it comes down to it, nobody can really prevent us from doing what we want to do, with our bodies, in the workplace, in our lives. That prevention comes from our own diminished belief in ourselves, in our own state of mind, and our own limited sense of our worth in the world.

Let’s shift our perspective away from oppression into empowerment by letting go of our attachment to the focus on having our rights withheld from us. Instead, let’s focus on how we can positively evolve ourselves and our planet. Rather than focus on what needs to change, which evokes more of itself or more that needs to be changed, let’s stoke the flame of the goodness that is. Let’s focus on “with” rather than “against” and on inspiring all of our truest hearts everywhere. Let’s include our good men in this and recognize them for their consistently showing up and for their sometimes silent support of their strong, empowered women.