A Call to Love

“You will not harm the children.” A voice has been calling out from deep within my being. It’s fierce. It’s bold. It’s a rallying cry. It tears my heart open and asks me to stand in my feminine warrior. “Lead an army,” it has said.

I’ve wondered about the how. How do I do this? How do I speak out? How do I do my part? At times I’ve been confused, confounded by seeing others act on their own inner commands to stand up and speak their truth. I’ve wondered, is being out loud the only way? I’ve always been drawn to work more quietly. Was I following my own truth? Or was I choosing this from discomfort to do otherwise?

I see the children of today rising up in their fight against school violence, for their right to be unharmed in the very place that should be their safe harbor. I see their bright, beautiful, strong faces saying, “No more!” The call to protect the children looks different than what I imagined. The children of today don’t need saving the way I thought they would. They are empowering themselves and heeding their own internal call to step forward.

What I see is how each of us must take part, if we are to do so, in our own way. These eloquent children have been touched personally, deeply, and intimately by the tragedies at their schools. They are speaking from their experiences, from their hearts. It is the only way for it to authentically come forward. If it is brought out through trying to make a point or expression of an opinion or ranting about what is wrong in the world, it becomes distorted. It doesn’t ring true, but does of anger, blame and the pointing of fingers from opposite corners of an unsafe space.

These children are examples to us all because their hearts are open. They are raw and real and coming from their personal life experiences, rather than from opinions or perspectives they’ve adopted over decades of gradually formed rigidity and subtle embitterment.

I have not shared their experiences personally. When I was in school, it would never have occurred to me to feel the slightest bit vulnerable for my physical safety. I did not share their experiences. I am moved by them though, and enlivened by them, and I allow them to set the fire within me ablaze again.

I realize that I take action in my own way and I always have. I go deep into the silence of my being and work from within. I call forth the raging fire to burn through illusion and hate and resistance, anything that doesn’t feel like love. I obliterate it within myself and allow it to extend beyond me, holding space for it to alchemize the planet. I love the children and the planet fiercely. I quietly pick up the sword, often without words, and vow to do whatever it takes. I wake up in the night many nights and work for hours to burn away anything I find within me that is not for the sake of love itself.

This is how my warrior speaks her voice. This is my way. I don’t know anyone else who does it quite like I do. If I tried to do it as someone else does, it would ring false. I would feel like a fraud to myself and everyone. My fire would be lost, and the world would miss out on the good it can do. I have ceased questioning my way. I understand that it is enough, and I trust and embrace it. I honor the young people and adults who speak their messages out loud with fierce, raw, open hearts. I honor anyone who hears a call toward love, whose commanding inner voice urges them to take part, who comes forward in their own way too.

Do you hear an inner call? Do you know what your way is? Do you trust that it is enough?