Guilt & Obligation

I'm noticing that guilt and obligation seem to be common themes right now, for me and other women. We still have huge access to move stuff, by the way, so now's a really good time to look at this.

If we're motivated by guilt and obligation, we may not even see them. They are sneaky devils that hide under the surface. If they are there, what we're NOT in touch with is how we might already be getting what we want. They can obscure our sight so entirely that we can't see what we have already.

We also can be blocking pleasure with them, and enjoyment of what is and what could be. The guilt and obligation are just vibrations of feelings, but they can ruin the rest of it. Even just noticing that we feel them can help shift them out of the way.

So, if you feel drawn to, go on your own little feelings treasure hunt to see if you find guilt and obligation demons. Love them. Ditch them. Thrive. That's how it feels for me right now, anyway. Happy hunting!