Accessing Epiphanies

I've been noticing that, during these intense times, we have even more access to powerful epiphanies about our lives and paths and greater access to ourselves. Here are three ways that have popped up for me that you can use too, kind of like treasure hunting:

1) Look to your cyclical learning. These are the lessons that keep showing up in life in new ways, that are repeating now. These are guideposts that show you what you need to see. They reveal what is in the way within ourselves. Uncover as much as you can about your patterns to allow them to shift out of the way.

2) Seek out the company of gentle and patient friends. Together we can actually help each other alchemize the ego parts of us that keep the insights and our true selves hidden. Do this with loving care by opening your hearts and holding space for each other as you share your truths. It may look at times like emotional drama. It's a portal, though, an opening for a false part of us to be shed. If your friend can't stay with you in it, it's ok. As long as you keep your own heart open, the stripping away and learning can come.

3) If you enjoy oracle decks, pendulums or another mode of receiving guidance, take yourself out for a coffee and browse your local shop for a new favorite. Trust your intuition and plan to stay as long as you need to until you know which one is really connecting with you. Don't underestimate the power of choosing the right one.