Alchemy is transmutation, transformation into something greater, more beautiful, beyond what we can even imagine. Amy developed her Alchemy energy work after being certified as a Master Teacher of Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Shamballa and training in Matrix Energetics. This was in parallel to training and deep practice in feminine embodiment work as well as extensive intuitive training and development.

Alchemy energy work can resolve the past and present. Alchemy dissolves emotional discord in the body and nervous system. It clears the subtle bodies, where anything unresolved first develops, before it manifests in the physical body. It balances our energy and raises our vibration. It can bring peace to us and to our challenging life experiences.

Alchemy removes outdated thoughts, beliefs and intentions that no longer serve us. It moves us beyond our blocks and connects us with our truest selves. It returns us to who we really are at our core. It helps us to access the Truths of love, beauty, goodness, and light.

Alchemy accesses potential beyond space and time and allows for new possibilities to arise. It meets you where you are and with what you need. It will be at the level for which you are ready to integrate your new, higher vibration.

What to Expect
Sessions are equally powerful given in person and remotely. When you arrive for an in-office session, Amy will offer you a cup of tea. She will begin your session by inviting you to briefly share your current life experience. She will intuitively get a sense of your situation and your life patterns.

During the Alchemy portion of your session, Amy will begin with deep, focused energy work to remove, reset and realign what isn’t working for you in your life. After that, she will encourage you to fully relax and will continue with powerful energy healing work. You may feel an increasing sense of lightness and relaxation as your session progresses. You may enter an altered state of alpha or theta brain waves where healing and transformation quickly occur.

When complete, Amy will ask you to return from your restful state, invite you to share your experience and share anything she noticed. She may offer new perspectives and life practices to help shift what you've been experiencing. She will offer you chocolate to help you ground and integrate the new energy.

For a short time following a session, you may feel some physical and/or emotional intensity as your body and nervous system adjust to the energy. This will always meet you where you are and with what you need. It will be at the level for which you are ready. It will ultimately serve you greatly as you integrate your body and being’s new higher vibration, free of the old, outdated, and past.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Alchemy Session?
Alchemy is powerful, deep, transformational energy work developed by Amy after many years of intensive training and now over a decade in practice with multiple parallel paths of study and development. Alchemy is a blend of traditional and modern healing modalities including several forms of Reiki and Matrix Energetics. These are then uniquely and powerfully combined with techniques for dissolving emotional residue (old “issues & baggage”) in the physical and etheric bodies and nervous system.

How is a session received?
Sessions are equally effective given in person and remotely. In-office sessions are received lying fully clothed on a massage table or seated in a chair. They are given with hands placed gently on the body or without physical contact.

How long does a session take?
The entire session lasts 60 minutes with the energy work portion of the session being 30-40 minutes long.

60-minute Session: $125
In-office, phone or video call

Contact Amy to schedule a session, or inquire for more information.