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Certified Life Coach
Reiki, Kundalini Reiki & Shamballa Master Teacher
Biomedical Engineer

Amy Kelly

Feminine Warrior ♥ Life Lover ♥ Heart Follower

Amy's Mission
I am here to open hearts, to open myself and others into love in whatever way I am able. I am here to help women reach into the depths of their souls and awaken to the fullness of their own inner Woman, their truest essence of Her.

I have known since my 20’s that I could weave magic into cake, drenching it in my own feelings and love, and evoking those feelings in others. I create magical, sacred spaces that invite healing and evolution, simply by sitting inside them.

I facilitate gatherings as art. I design experiences to help women open to themselves. I construct powerful, magical circles of souls, feeding them tea and dark chocolate, and evoking their true selves to connect and share themselves with themselves, each other and the world.

I help women dissolve their deepest, most hidden dark places, the ones they don’t want to feel, so they can be free of their history at last. I help them align their lives with their hearts, with who they truly are, for the sake of their highest paths of love, joy and fulfillment, and for the awakening in all beings to Goodness and Love.


Amy’s Path
Amy loves life, people and the earth, and adores animals. For two decades, she has been a student of human nature and the world. She is fascinated by what makes us tick, how what shows up for us does, and what makes it so.

Amy’s path has been that of a healer in many forms. She didn’t always know it, though, in looking back, it has revealed itself as the common thread.

Amy's Story
During the boom of the 90's, I designed medical devices for start-ups in Silicon Valley. As I climbed the corporate ladder, feeling stress build and the life progressively drain from me, I wondered, "It this it? There must be more." I longed for more heart, greater ease and deeper joy, for a life aligned with who I am.

I listened to my heart in 2003, and left my career. With no job and no plan, I left San Francisco. I traveled, studied, and explored the world and myself. I learned to know my intuition and follow it, and made a commitment to live what felt more true of me. I discovered great teachers and powerful ways to remove my own barriers to being joyful in life, and love, and within myself.

For two decades, I have explored human nature. For one, I have learned and practiced healing modalities, feminine essence embodiment and techniques for clearing the physical and subtle body and nervous system of emotional residue. I've learned and developed methods for shifting patterns that keep us repeating what doesn't work, and for stripping away habitual thinking and behavior to allow for something new to arise.

This journey has revealed greater love, fulfillment and joy than I ever could have imagined. I live aligned with my heart and intuition now, helping others do the same. I teach and hold space for them to move through their fears and dissolve the obstacles within themselves to find what feels more true - their own deepest joy in life, love, in what they do, and in who they are.