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Creator/Owner Zero Point Alchemy, LLC
Certified Life Coach
Reiki, Kundalini Reiki & Shamballa Master Teacher
Matrix Energetics Levels 1 & 2
Biomedical Engineer

My Dharma

Discover your divine dharma. Become who you were born to be.

I didn’t know for most of my life that this is what I was doing. Dharma is defined in Hinduism and Buddhism, respectively, as the eternal and inherent nature of reality and as an aspect of truth. We each have a unique spiritual blueprint, a divine destiny, essentially our reason for being on the planet. This is my Truth, anyway.

Between the ages of 16 and 38, I thought having children was mine. I remember saying that I was meant to raise little conscious beings. When I didn’t, I was lost. Honestly, I was so wrecked and confused, I didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t meant to be, I later learned, and never really was. I spent the next decade trying to understand, if it wasn’t to have children, then what is my reason for being here?

I unraveled and worked through all of my feelings of loss, sadness, and purposeless wandering, dissolving the ambiguity and uncertainty that plagued me. After a long time, I knew I was to do something having to do with leading and empowering women, and my lack of being able to find clarity around this was my light in the dark, guiding me to go on, whatever it took.

The murk eventually cleared and I found it. Piece by piece I discovered my divine dharma, hidden in the path itself. In a way, it felt like maybe the biggest cosmic joke ever and also so perfect I could hardly believe it.

Ironically, and who knows maybe it always is, my path is my dharma. My unique spiritual blueprint and reason for being here is to help other women to discover and to live as theirs. In this, I have discovered and am living as mine. I have dedicated my life so far to finding and being mine, and now I devote myself to helping other women find and be theirs.

My Mission

I am here to open hearts, to open myself and others into love in whatever way I am able. I am here to help women reach into the depths of their souls and awaken to the fullness of their own inner Woman, their truest essence of Her.

I have known since my 20’s that I could weave magic into cake, drenching it in my own feelings and love, and evoking those feelings in others. I create magical, sacred spaces that invite healing and evolution, simply by sitting inside them.

I facilitate gatherings as art. I design experiences to help women open to themselves. I construct powerful, magical circles of souls, feeding them tea and dark chocolate, and evoking their true selves to connect and share themselves with themselves, each other and the world.

I help women dissolve their deepest, most hidden dark places, the ones they don’t want to feel, so they can be free of their history at last. I help them align their lives with their hearts, with who they truly are, for the sake of their highest paths of love, joy and fulfillment, and for the awakening in all beings to Goodness and Love.

Zero Point Alchemy Suites

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