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We all want a life steeped in fulfillment and love. We long to freely follow our hearts, live with joy, and love our lives. Amy feels called to burn through everything that is not that, everything that does not feel true of us. She is called to help others reveal the depth of what is underneath, and who they truly are. Here we find a deep sense of well-being in life. We discover ourselves and our greatest joy.

My greatest wish is that all people live with their hearts open, with love, joy and goodness flowing through their bodies and their lives. - Amy


"I could feel the stress being pulled from my body." KS

"I have lost a thousand pounds of heart ache since our first meeting. Every encounter opens another door." MM

“My eye sight is clearer, my mind is sharper, my passion for life is returned.” JC


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Alchemy Sessions

Heart Path Coaching

Psychic Readings


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